The Via road safety app automatically detects users movement within a vehicle, blocks, and stores phone calls and text while in motion. The app starts automatically when the user has traveled a distance more than 1000 meters and reached a speed of over 25 km/h. The app is developed with smart algorithms using sensors already available in most modern smartphones.


Once the phone has detected decrees in movement the phone will unlock and the user can send and receive voice and text calls along with access to the Apps functions of allowing users to record voicemails, notifying callers they are in transit and can not answer the phone and will contact them at a safe time. 


By automatically monitoring and interpreting certain parameters, the App can determine if the carrier of the phone is involved in an accident whereby an immediate warning is sent out to the users pre-designated emergency point of contact with the user’s longitudes and latitudes. Also, the phone’s flashlight will activate to notify EMT of your location.

The Via app will allow some selected users to override the lockout and notification of the call or text be made aware to the user through wearable adapt and Contextually specific controls.