As an expat here in Shanghai the promotion of Irish culture becomes a big thing for me.
I was asked by the Irish Consulate to create a Marketing Campaign for the upcoming St.Patricks Feile festival.
Every day on St.Patricks Day the world goes green. But here in China, the day is not well known.
With that in mind, my concept for promoting this culture event was to allow people to electronically go green for the Emerald Isle.

WeChat Marketing Year of the dogs
Previous Festival’s always had a very good turn out. but had more of a western uptake. This year we wanted to change that and decided to start
the marketing ramps up in February, by promoting the event on the back of the Chinese New Year. 2018 was the year of the Dog. By Captivating on this opportunity I created a set of graphics displaying Irish breeds of dogs, asking the user to guess the breed of the dog. This engaged both Western and Chinese users, and help build up interest in the event, these graphics were posted on Monday and the answers to the breed were given on the Friday these were rolled out over the following months up to the event.

WeChat Moments Greening
While the majority of the distribution channels for the event was going to be done on WeChat, I developed the idea of incorporating the notion of Emerald Isle and Technology. That was where the Geometric green branding was used on all the marketing material. Ireland is called the Emerald Island, or “Emerald Isle,” because of its lush, green countryside. The poet William Drennan (1754 – 1820) first gave Ireland the nickname in his poem “When Erin first rose.”

Event Posters and Info Card
I Created Two styles of Posters Both in Chinese, English & Irish.
At Previous Festivals, people that were walking by would attend the festivities but were unaware of the history of the event or even the location of Ireland,
I created this Information card that gave a brief intro to Ireland. It’s location, culture, sports, food and well known Irish people.
This was printed in both English and Chinese and handed out to people who attended.

Greening wallpapers were created with the major landmarks for Shanghai and Beijing, I was also asked to create one for the local Irish sports club in Shanghai.

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For the 2017 St.Patricks Feile festival I was asked to create a video promoting the event.

Le Cheile Tees
I also created some Tees designs for the Le Cheile Irish community.