The Irish Jewish Museum stands on the site of Dublin’s Walworth Road Synagogue, which was once in the heartland of “Little Jerusalem,” the densely populated Jewish enclave off the South Circular Road. The area was filled with Jewish kosher butcher stores, Jewish bakeries, Jewish grocery stores, Jewish tailors, Jewish bookstores and many other stores and businesses owned by Jews.

Research into the creation of an app for the Jewish Museum revealed that while users visiting the museum would be unaware or bypass the other historical shops and stores that surrounded the Jewish corner. 
The decision was made to not only have the app enhance the museum but the other business would have interactive elements integrated into the app to give a virtual walking tour of  Ireland’s Little Jerusalem

Before starting anything, I spent a lot of time discussing the vision for the app. After that, I wireframed a lot on journeys. This helped me get out ideas in a quick and dirty fashion so we could discuss the design and flow of the app.


The Irish Jewish Museum app would allow the user a real-time geolocation Google maps view of the Jewish enclave with hotspots displaying the stores and business. The top navigation would give users information on the museum, it’s history and what is displayed within (note: future iterations of this app would also take advantage of QR codes displayed within the museum allowing users to scan the relevant QR code to get additional media.)

The secondary part of the app would allow users to explore the Surrounding areas historically relevance. When the user is in the geolocation Google maps view they can see highlighted areas. When the user selects the hotspot they are Given audio interviews about life in those areas along with brief history and supporting images.