I had been contacted by a third party to run ad-hoc Kick-off Design meeting for Huawei’s Global localization department. I was asked to consult on 3 Huawei app products. Huawei Fitness, Huawei Files and Huawei Phone management.

These three products were used as a test case. on how to advise, the best approaches needed to design for localization. Running these Kick-off meetings helped define both business and user objectives.
By running a workshop it would help put everyone on the same page and set a universal tone and understanding of the products.

By aligning everyone to the same vision. And bringing insight and information to the table, that people would not have shared otherwise.

I strongly feel that productive meetings should happen ad-hoc in the workplace. This allows teams collaboration to happen at the source of the problem – around a screen, a design, or a sketch.

This also helped the teams understand the overall vision in a comfortable relaxing environment.

As this workshop was to make the teams aware of Huawei localization issues, I was conscious that these problems must be made aware of the team in the workshop. That is why at the first 3 steps of the workshop localization issues were brought to the forefront, from aspects of where and when does use the word “you” work. To image labeling, along with designing with content in mind.

The workshop ran as followed
* Define the user’s needs
* Prioritise the user needs
* Brainstorm solutions
* Identify the minimum viable product (MVP)
* Sketch the app launch page

Below is examples of the data captured for the kick-off meetings, As the meetings were only two to three hours in total we focused on whiteboards ideas and paper sketches.

I have created high fidelity mock-ups from the meetings captured data.

Huawei Phone Management

Huawei Fitness

Huawei Files