Cover5 is an Online sports games for casual fans and die-hard fanatics. Simply pick 5 teams and score points, when they beat the spread or get punished when they don’t. Cover5 creates excitement for any game and any sporting event, allowing all sports fans to enjoy the game in the way they’re meant to be experienced.

I had been contacted to look at improving the cognitive load and user flow of the site’s dashboard and selected contests within the site. As it was clear that more sports, leagues, and people will be playing more games. Clearly defined areas needed to be created.

The research found that users wanted graphs and Isotype data feedback on the contests they were part of, users demand a visual aspect to their information. This was addressed aligning the right-hand panel with an overall summary on the dashboard page and a contest specific data display on the chosen contest page.

User Research concluded that users use the site with one eye on the TV and the other on the site at game time. Using cards that displayed relevant information allowed for a better affordance level.

I took a lot of my design cues from the current Cover 5 Apps, as I felt they have a better look and feel.