The Art of War App was an idea that I just couldn’t shake. As it was my end of year project for my Masters at Dublin Institute of Technology. The Idea was to develop an interactive phone app that displays the teachings of the ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu. In his book The Art of War, in an illustrated and interactive way. By removing the 2500 years old Chinese poetry which is complex to understand to replace it with more modern concepts of teaching his ancient text true the use of modern textbooks by incorporation of include examples, illustrations, exercises. View Web App

I don’t start any project without sketching first. And for the Redesign of the App I spent a long time drawing out the app interface using pencil and paper then 53 Paper app. I was able to play with a bunch of different design flows and interaction possibilities very easily, and I tossed out the ideas that didn’t seem optimal.

I wanted the app to look clean and not too serious or too goofy. I also didn’t want the interface to distract from the content of the book.

As a designer, I often have to make a lot of compromises when working on products. Sometimes features get implemented by engineers without being designed at all, or sometimes designs get implemented but are never fully refined. Since this app is mine, I made sure to get everything pixel-perfect when it got implemented.