In March 2011 the EU’s fisheries chief proposed scrapping a rule that requires fishermen to throw good fish back into the sea after they exceed their catch quotas. The rule designed to promote sustainable fishing. EU Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki said that discarding fish is the biggest management problem facing the industry since 50 percent of whitefish and up to 70 percent of flatfish are thrown overboard dead, even though they are edible.

This is the issue that the Aqua App wishes to address by giving users real-time data synced with the docks fishing quotas that have been handed down from the EU’s fisheries chief.

The Aqua App also displays real-time information on sea tide pattern displayed at hourly intervals. Along with weather and suggested fishing zones, allowing the user to get real-time information as to the best positions  and times where to fish. The Aqua app will fix current issues with current fishing boats that arise from strict EU quotas that have been filled, where certain fish can no longer be landed in port for sale and thus are thrown overboard again.

The Aqua App will be a small, quick application that allows users to track real-time fish quota stocks, allowing for live feeds for weather, tides and suggested fishing zones allowing for better use of the boats time at sea. It should be lightweight, easy to use, and engaging. The main features of the app should be as follows;

Dashboard Users will have the ability to customize the relevant data needed for the time they spent at sea. The selected options on the Dashboard will also be viable as a widget within the Notification Center in iOS 8.

Sea Tides: Real-time data of wave patterns and major/minor times will be displayed.

Weather: Weather information will be displayed in realtime with key information while at sea including wind direction, speed and gust all displayed with quick glance UI elements utilized.

Fishing Quota: Dynamic live date displaying outstanding fish quotas for the day.

Fishing Zones: Displaying the best zones within the day as to when the user has the best chance of getting the most catch.